November 20, 2006

On my own

Now that I am current again I REALLY want to go fly. So, I give my dad a call and see if he’s up for a little sight seeing (and a little cost sharing). We tried to go yesterday, but it was IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) all day.

But today was nice... 3,500 ceiling and loads of visibility! I live about 45mins north of my parents, but luckily they are close to a small airport. So, rather than have him drive up, I flew down and picked him up - SWEET!

I cannot tell you how nice the glass cockpit is... it really takes the workload down to a minimum and brings a HUGE amount of information into the cockpit. Everything from realtime XM Weather/music to traffic to terrain. It is a huge asset! Maybe I took more too it than some simply because I am a computer geek (I'm making a blog about it for petes sake). But this is for sure the future of general aviation... I just need to make more money!

I took some video while flying from D95 -> KVLL (Lapeer to Troy)

Check it out:

I know, I am a tool!

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