November 18, 2006

Flight Review - CHECK!

It was a great day to fly! The ceilings were about 3,000 and visibility at least 10 miles. Today we planned on doing a little round robin to from D95 (Lapeer) -> KPTK (Pontiac) -> KFNT (Flint) -> D95 (Lapeer)

This was just so the instructor could get a feel for how I handled the navigation / radios / transponder / autopilot / etc... remember, in the G1000 system, EVERYTHING is integrated into the panels, which is quite nice.

Believe it or not, I always felt the hardest part (not really hard, just intimidating) was talking with ATC (Air Traffic Control). Making sure my read backs were correct and getting my calls efficient always frazzled me a bit. So today I was a little cranked up about it. Not sure if it was just the relaxed nature of the traffic that day or what, but I had no problems and rather enjoyed pushing my best pilot voice!

But the check was successful! I am now checked out on the G1000 with a current flight review under my belt.

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