November 26, 2006

Flight into Flint

I woke up early this morning with an itch to get in the air... Who can I get to tag along and share the cost -NOBODY! Do I really have a hundred bucks to blow? Ah, you only live once.

I check the weather, and it was showing mostly VFR conditions in the local area with some spoted marginal areas (MVFR). So I call D95 (Lapeer) to see if the plane is available. It was, so I'm going!

The weather looks great on the ground, ceilings at 12,000 and reported visibility at about 5 miles. I go through my preflight and take off. Turns out that it was quite “soupy” up there today, but very smooth.

Visibility was about 4-5 miles and haze. I turned up the XM radio and headed over to KFNT for some more work in controlled space. I even tuned in the ILS (Instrument Landing System) on the NAV radio for a long straight in approach.

Check it out:

Nice landing, if I do say so myself.

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