January 7, 2007

More Crappy Weather...

Well, it's been a week since my last adventure. Today has been just like every other day... Low ceilings and strong winds. Michigan + Winter = Marginal Conditions! (Ok, not always, but more often than not).

It's a Sunday morning and I have that itch again. As I call the airport to check availability of my new friend (the airplane), my wife proceeds to pull the Sunday paper away from her face and roll her eyes. It's available for a few hours this morning. A quick check of the weather shows marginal conditions with strong winds. I figure if I get up and its too crappy, I will just practice more crosswind landings.

Arrival and preflight was uneventful. As I departed to the west and climbed through 2,000ft visibility was lowering. It was very bumpy as well. As soon as I hit 3,000ft agl it got clear again was very smooth. I was sandwiched between this haze / scattered cloud layer and an overcast layer. I thought this was the COOLEST thing! I didn't wander too far from the airport, but just spent some time dinkin' around soaking in views most people never get to experience.

I headed back to the airport and did about 7 takeoffs and landings. There was a cross wind gusting about 15knots, so it made for some good practice.

I took some video of the cloud layers and one of my landings:

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