August 27, 2007

Flying Whales

When I walked out to get the paper this morning I notice how nice it was... cool, dry, low wind and a few flying whales (low puffy clouds). After a quick browse of the sports section, I was online scheduling some time for this evening.

It has been about a month since my last flight, so I was just going to go up for a refresher on the basics (steep turns, stalls, controlled airspace, landings, etc...) and enjoy the late day sun.

After doing some steep turns over my house and some other maneuvers, I headed over to KFNT for some landings and to see if I could get close to some of the big guys (the picture above is from my final approach into 27 - although I got vectored to 36 at the last minute). Turns out I had to wait (not long enough to grab my camera) behind a NWA DC-9 before departing, which I thought was cool... I wonder what the people on board looking back at me thought?

I then went searching for some flying whales. The reason I call them (Clouds) that is because my guess would be that it's probably similar to a scuba diver in open water getting close to a whale...

I shot some video of the close encounter, although it doesn't do it justice. It is really cool to be next to these clouds... it gives you a good sense of perspective. It's by far one of the coolest views flying in a small plane, at least I think so...

Again, if the video is clipped in your browser, use FireFox!

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